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Storytelling by Using the 3D Motion Comic Style

As an Instructional Designer, I am always on the lookout for effective and natural ways of instructional storytelling

In this blog post, I am presenting a proof of concept (PoC) that I created to explore storytelling by using the 3D motion comic style. I believe this style can be used to create engaging case study-based and scenario-based training videos.
In the past, I used stock photo characters and 2D illustrated characters for storytelling, but they had their own limitations—for example, I spent lot of time searching for the appropriate stock photo characters based on the gender, ethnicity, age, and clothing requirements. But, often I failed to get the exact photos. And even if I got them, I didn’t find them in the poses or expressions that I needed, such as smiling and talking on mobile or working on a laptop.
So, I turned my attention towards 3D graphics, because 3D characters and scenes can be easily tailored to suit our exact storytelling requirements. Not only that, 3D is clo…